A Closer Look at Marijuana’s Health Effects

Cannabis Sativa or marijuana can be used in the form of smoke, cookies, and beverages. No matter how you use it though, it can have a direct result to the human health. A closer look at its effects to the human body will give us an idea on what to expect from smoking, eating, or drinking pot.

Nature’s Appetizer

Ever wondered why you feel hungrier during and after a pot session? Munchies are responsible for making us feel hungrier every time we smoke weed. Although it may sound and feel unusual, it’s actually a normal reaction of the body. Ingesting marijuana will give us an increased craving for food during and after we use weed. “Happy” tripping is also experienced whenever we use marijuana.

According to the experts, marijuana intake on a therapeutic level helps in increasing appetite. It is being used on patients who have lost their appetite due to their condition. AIDS and cancer patients are given medicinal amounts of marijuana to stimulate and encourage proper feeding habits.

Studies have shown that marijuana can be compared to oplates when it comes to increasing appetite. The limbic forebrain, hypothalamus and hind brain, stomach and the intestinal tissues are all stimulated whenever a user smokes, eats, or drinks weed.

Marijuana and Our Respiratory System

Despite its medicinal uses, the risks of acquiring respiratory problems by smoking weed is similar to lighting a cigarette. Common problems such as inflammation of the nostrils and lungs, creation of sputum and cough (asthmatic), as well as wheezing can be acquired from smoking either cigarette or weed.

Cannabis intake in the form of food however has shown no clear sign of respiratory problems.

Marijuana and Pregnant Women

According to our resident experts, marijuana should be avoided by the user during pregnancy. In fact, they should consider staying away from the weed as soon as they plan on getting pregnant. Marijuana can have a huge impact on the fertility of both the male and female users. In addition, it can also have a negative effect on pregnancy, on the baby, as well as on the breast milk.

Although it has negative effects to the human body when used improperly, Cannabis Sativa has some promising health benefits. As long as we use it at the right amount, marijuana’s future seems bright in the medicinal field.

Smoke Marijuana with Class

Thinking of going for a smoke of weed with your friends? If so, why not do it with the right bong. Conventional bongs look dull and boring on a fun night with your peers. Cool and classy bongs can rev up your weed experience in a different level!

Take a look at some of the classy looking bongs that you can find on the online stores or on stores near you.

Fancy Glass Rasta Bubbler Pipe

Despite being just six inches in length, the cool looking bong works as well as the larger bongs. In addition, its coil rings makes it look fancy. It is a user-friendly bong that can be handled with one hand. Say goodbye to sloppy accidents while puffing your cannabis alone or with your friends. The flat base allows it to stand by its own, preventing accidents from happening. Above all, the Rasta Bubbler reduces irritation while eliminating any coughing fits.

Heavy Glass Triple Chamber Bubbler Smoking Pipe

The three filters provide a smoother and cooler marijuana smoke for you and your friends. Normally, this will make your pot session even better and worthwhile. Aside from these, the bong is a thing of beauty.

Grav Labs Pendant Disc Rig with Black Glass Accents by Grav Gold

This bong is best for the newbies or people who doesn’t want the hustles when on pot session. The clear view of the inside of the bong allows you to know if you have enough water. Basically, you know what’s going on inside your bong. However, you better get a hold on one as these are limited edition.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Marijuana Drink

Perhaps some of you are expert in growing marijuana, but doesn’t have an idea on how to enjoy your prize. Do you want to become a “high” wizard like Harry Potter? That is achievable now by creating your own marijuana edibles. Gobble your own goblets by following simple recipes.

Get all of these Sweet Sugary Marijuana Goblet ingredients:

90 ml. of Pineapple Juice, 90 ml. of Sweet & Sour, 90 ml. of Blue Curacao, 45 ml. Spiced Rum, 45 ml. Midori Melon Liqueur, 45 ml. Coconut Rum, 75 ml. Everclear, lollipops, regular ice, citrus fruit and dry ice.

Mixing – pour everclear, midori, spiced rum, coconut rum, blue curacao, sweet & sour, and pineapple juice in a separate glass pitcher. After mixing all the liquids, prepare your goblet. Pour small chips in your goblet, regular ice, citrus fruit (depends on your preference be it oranges or lemons), put the lollipops to make it look great. Now, pour your glass pitcher in the goblet until it gets filled up. Enjoy this magical drink with pleasure!

You can also check out GrowingMarijuanaBlog.com for more fun recipes!